Where Can You Affix Security Cameras in House?

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Security cameras are one of the most used utilities now for surveillance purposes. As long as there is power, they capture and record everything caught behind its lens; even some modern cameras have backup batteries which is used in the case of power failure. There are so many reasons why you should have security cameras at home, your office, or around your properties.

These cameras could be indicative in situations where you’ve been wrongly accused or convictive as an evidence against a defendant in the case of theft, civil unrest or other offenses.

Some of you must have thought about getting security cameras installed in your homes but you’re probably not sure of ideal places to fix them or maybe you already purchased them but haven’t installed them as you have little idea on how to install it. Not to worry, this guide would enlighten you on strategic places to affix your security cameras just ride along.

Front Door

Studies have shown that 34% of burglars infiltrate your homes through the front door; they pick the lock and ease their way in. To avoid the camera being tampered with, you want to make sure that it is inconspicuous. Place it at the second-floor level and if your house is a bungalow, place it in a protective iron-wired case to prevent it being tampered with. You can also install a peep hole camera; this way you know who knocks at or has been at your door.

Back Door

Now, most burglars know of the front door cameras and they now opt for entrance through the back door. Another study has shown that 22% of burglars enter through the back and side doors. Fix the cameras too at your back doors the same way you would for the front door; either in a protective casing or at second-floor level.

Rear Windows

This is any window which is not directly facing the street or the open. Burglars are not stupid to break or enter through a window that is in the view of passers-by or nearby neighbors. Any rear window in your home, fix a security camera there. It’ll allow you to catch intruders who use your rear windows to enter your home of any action perform around that area.

Side Gates and Backyard

A lot of household equipment in your backyard could entice thieves to come lurking like your lawn mower, garden machinery, bicycles and others. Therefore, this region has to be placed under surveillance.

Fix your security cameras in plain view at your backyards and side gates if your yard is fenced, this way everything that occurs in your backyard would be captured and recorded. A night vision security camera is the most ideal for this. Most of the Chinese products, as well as the ones by Hikvision produces night vision cameras that’ll suffice for this purpose.

These aforementioned places are the most susceptible and vulnerable places for burglars if not well put under surveillance. Be sure to install your cameras in these strategic places.