Everything You Need to Know about Codeless Test Automation

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The global API market has been booming in the recent times, and it doesn’t surprise us with the fact that the API testing tools market has enhanced parallel to it. Nevertheless, almost every famous testing tools are based on testers programming skills to be capable to utilize their core features. For instance, developers must always write JavaScript snippets to develop test and assertions and setting dynamic variables and chaining requests as well.

The purpose behind the need of prior coding knowledge is to create automated integration tests, establish a few restrictions on users that otherwise would have the advantages of being able to view and test their web services. Moreover, while API requirements are being subjected to variability, updating, debugging and maintaining code snippets makes it tougher.

It sounds quite natural that a tool in which the information validation, chaining request, variable creations, and testing automation are deemed to be first-class operations and they are fully compatible in the user interface needing no sort of code, this lets access to every stakeholder inside an organization to be involved in the testing process with no need of having any kind of prior coding knowledge.

Codeless API Test Automation looks something like this:

JS Eval
HTTP Request
Assert Status
Extract Body

One very instance of a tool which is capable of implementing the above operations is made possible by accelQ which is developed on an easy to use GUI. accelQ functions with the help of nodes to create a graph, emulating the real world use case and letting the test perform through the different steps in the workflow. These nodes represent first-class operations and as aforementioned, it does not need any kind of advanced coding knowledge. Current integration testing tools are helpful in solving different problems, and it is not without any merit, that they have become renowned within developer and testers. However, there is still a gap existing in the industry that new tools are closing delivering an easy, stable, and an automatable API testing platform.

And if you would love to embrace the power of cloud environment, you can finish this automation execution 10 times faster with the same ever machine cost! To conclude, if you use cloud test automation environment, you can:

  1. Eliminate all the automation waiting time
  2. Speed up the automation execution time